Info 7: Update You Can’t Do That on Television


I found this Waltons-like scene in 1986 s7e7. Seven in one huge bed. But I prefer the 2 brothers in one room, Doug and Alasdair (rating 10). The Waltons never slept in one bed, not even in the same room. But good episode of farm scenes. See also my bib overalls and sailor suit blog. Main entry here at



Lassie (1997)


TV series 1997-1999 with Corey Sevier, 54 episodes in 2 seasons
Year: 1997-1999
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Canada
Who in bedroom: Timmy ~13 (s1)
Kind of beds: single bed
Available on DVD: yes 1st season
I own: no, partly TV recording
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Corey Sevier in this bedroom. Blue wooden bed. No siblings. Lassie sleeping or sitting on a bench looking like this bed located on the left of it. I think there are also rooms of his friends shown, but I have to check it. Pic is from ep 7. Also starring Tod Fennell as friend Jeff and some other kids.

Also on my bib overalls blog (rating 5 with Natalie Vansier in bibs).

Very good series, handsome actors. See also Lassie (1954) rating 5.

Rating 4 for bedroom, rating 7-8 for this series.

Le choeur des enfants , Les Petits chanteurs à la Croix de Bois


French boys choir documentary
Year: 2000 ?
Year in film: ~2000
Country: France
Who in bedroom: boys 8-15 yo
Kind of beds: bunk beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: About 6 brown I think metal (?) bunk beds alone is this room of this castle. So at least 10 or 12 boys in this room. Maybe even more elsewhere. There are also smaller squared rooms with fewer 2 or 3 vertical bunk beds. Also shown on tour a hotel room with a double bed and I think 2 small separate provisory beds left and right of it.

I found this by coincidence on YouTube. Claiming to be from 2006, other websites where this en demand DVD is offered says 2000. Maybe aired in 2006? No IMDb entry.

Very interesting documentary. I like boys choir (sadly not wearing sailor suits). I even have a different documentary of this choir on “L’Or des Anges” but very few and short bedroom scenes there (I have to check this). I also saw an older b&w documentary I think slideshow (1907-2000) showing a separate bed but I’m not sure if that is set in this castle.

Good dorm, though I prefer US movies and wooden bunk beds.

Mrs. Miracle


Christmas film starring James Van der Beek
Year: 2009
Year in film: 2000s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: twins Jason, Judd, 6
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no, partly TV recording
Rating: 3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: 7 or 8 yo Michael Strusievici (Judd) and Valin Shinyei sharing this bedroom. Separate beds.

Had been aired during last Christmas. But I missed most of it. They are very young anyway. There is also 2010 sequel (with other actors, but I don’t know that one).

Typical bedroom, typical movie (by Hallmark which had much better farm movies). Novel by Debbie Macomber.

Rating 3-4.

The Browning Version (1994)

browningversion browningversion2

Drama starring Albert Finney
Year: 1994
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: UK
Who in bedroom: boys ~14
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, DVD
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least 10, probably 12 or more metal beds in this dormitory of this preparatory school (at 1h14). Also other locations and other single wooden beds. A prank of putting worms in a bed (of an older boy, single bed). Also a quite good shower scene, rear view (at 44 minutes).

1948 stage play by Terence Rattigan but this is a modern remake. I bought this DVD after “The Emperor’s Club”. But I don’t like them.

Also starring Ben Silverstone, Greta Scacchi and Matthew Modine. At least a quite good dorm / boarding school and teens. Sadly no bunk beds and only few (good scenes). Rated R. I still have to check the 1951, 1955 and 1985 versions.

Rating 4.

Spuk im Hochhaus


Family series, 7 ep or film in 2 parts
Year: 1982
Year in film: 1980s
Country: East Germany
Who in bedroom: boys 8-10 )
Kind of beds: bunk bed
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Probably brothers in this bedroom and wooden bunk bed.

Taken from my Lederhosen film blog (rating 4 as well).

There are also older actors, like a teen girl (see my bib overalls blog) but I don’t remember if her room is also shown. As this is a high-rise building there are maybe other bedrooms of other families shown.

Typical, but good and funny film series. I like bunk beds but somehow I don’t like this messy bedroom.

Rating 4 for now.

Die Thomaner (2012)

thomaner2012b thomaner2012

Documentary about this boys choir
Year: 2012
Year in film: 2012
Country: Germany
Who in bedroom: boys 9-19
Kind of beds: single beds, bunk beds
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: yes, TV recording
Rating: 8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Several boys in different bedrooms. I think between (2) 3 to at least 4 boys per room (at the new 2012 location of this boarding school). At least until 8 on the previous location (pic 2)

This new documentary had been aired some days ago. First pic showing 2 bunk beds, so 4 boys. 2nd pic 4 horizontally beds on the left + 2 beds on the right + 1 bunk bed = 8 boys (older location). I’ve also seen a room with at least 3 single beds (2 vertically on the left and at least 1 vertically on the right). Note that the bedroom (pic 2) is very sparse, just beds, no other furniture, not even cupboards.

Nowadays there are fewer beds in one bedroom, maybe even 2 or just 1 for the older teen boys. There were probably larger dormitories in earlier decades.

Also showing an interesting huge washing room with showers and lots of sinks (showers not shown).

Sadly this choir nowadays wearing suits with no real sailor collar flaps (see also my sailor suit blog, 800 Jahre Thomanerchor, rating 3 and Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer (2003) rating 2 starring Frederick Lau.)

I like boarding schools. Bedrooms looking good. One brief scene of a pillow fight at the evening maybe in the room of pic 2.

Rating 7-8.

Spy Kids

spykids spykids-b

Family film starring Antonio Banderas
Year: 2001
Year in film: 2000s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Carmen 12, Juni 8
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara sharing this “bedroom”, separate beds.

May looking like differents room but I think it’s just the different light on this stone walls.

Interesting bedroom in this espionage house, but I don’t like at all this movie(s). Rated PG. Vega was nominated for a Young Artist Award. Also starring Carla Gugino as mother, Alan Cumming and Teri Hatcher.

The boy is very young and I don’t like curly hair. But at least another brother and sister (in the same room) entry.

Rating 3-4.

Emil i Lönneberga

emililoenneberga emililoenneberga2

Family series/movies
Year: 1971
Year in film: ~1900s
Country: Sweden, Germany
Who in bedroom: Emil ~9. Sister, others
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Different very interesting wooden beds and different bed constellations and also other locations.

Emil (Jan Ohlsson, Michel in Germany) sleeping in the bed of pic 2, I’m not sure, but I think in a room for himself. Both parents sleeping together in the big green bed (pic 1) in the living room (and or kitchen). The bed can be closed and they sit on it working during daytime. In the middle of the room is a separate regular bed for Emil’s 6 yo sister Ida (Lena Wisborg). On the left wall is a bed similar or the same of pic 3 for 37 yo maid Lina. One different location with at least 2 interesting, self made bunk beds. Alfred usually sleeps at another different house but also in the same room as Lina in film 2.

All pics are from the movie “Michel in der Suppenschüssel” which I think are parts of episodes 1-4 or 1-5. I also have seen the 1972 second film “Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga” (Michel muss mehr Männchen machen). No better pics, but also showing the 3rd bed in the 1st pic. In there sleeping Lina together with Krösa-Maja.

Looks like a big 2 story house and I wonder why they are all sleeping together (except Emil). I think there is a wall but no doors or the doors are open. The bed of the little sister may be moved during daytime.

I have seen the 3rd movie “Emil och griseknoen”, but don’t remember the bedroom scenes. Also on my sailor suit blog, rating 6 (different young boys in sailor suit, not Emil).

I somehow don’t like this series and never did. There are lots of other series and movies. Though interesting beds/bedrooms.

Rating 3.


Diff’rent Strokes


Comedy series /sitcom, 189 ep in 8 seasons
Year: 1978-1986
Year in film: 1970s/80s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Arnold 8, Willis 12 (s1)
Kind of beds: bunk bed
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: Probably Gary Coleman (1968-2010) as main character Arnold (left) and his older brother Willis (played by Todd Bridges) in this bedroom and bunk bed (adopted orphans brothers). There is also a 13 yo girl (Dana Plato) who probably has a room for her own. The lower bunk has a different orientation.

I don’t remember all episodes and have to check it again especially the later seasons.

Pic taken from my bib overalls film blog (rating 5, boys + girl in bibs), s3e5.

For bedroom scenes rating 4-5 for now. Arnold looking very young.