Wind at My Back


Called Canadian Waltons. TV series, 5 seasons + film.
Year: 1996-2001
Year in film: ~1932-1937
Country: Canada
Who in bedroom: Fat 10, Hub 12 (s1)
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, S1,3
Rating: 7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Tyrone Savage as Fat and brother Dylan Provencher in the same room in different locations. Very good Great Depression series, also including very good bib overalls scenes (of both boys, men + 1 teen girl/tomboy), rating 7 on my overalls blog. However Fat is very young in season 1. I don’t know seasons 2, 4 and 5. For more infos on this series see my overalls blog. Pics are:

Hub in the room where he usually sleeps (at their grandma) in s1e2. Pic at a different location, probably not a real bedroom (season 1, maybe s1e2, Fat on the right). 3rd pic from s1e1 showing Fat going to his brother (metal bed). This location is at their mom’s house. Pic 4 Hub in the same room as the first pic. Interesting wooden beds with very high wooden bed posts, maybe more than 1 meter high.

I have to check the complete series / season 1 at slow speed and completely season 3. Maybe there are more bedrooms of other actors, probably of Maisey the tomboy.

Rating 7-8 for now.



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