Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (1960)

allavibarnibullerbyn allavibarnibullerbyn3

Family series, 13 ep+ 2 films. Astrid Lindgren
Year: 1960-1961
Year in film: 1928
Country: Sweden
Who in bedroom: Olle, Lasse Bosse + girls
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 8 /10
Rating: ********
Comment: Brothers Olle (left bed) and Lasse (right bed) and Bosse sharing one room. Bosse sleeps apart I think the bed is at horizontal position on south of them but probably in the same room. 1st pic fom ep. 5 “Vi sköter Olles lilla syster”. 2nd pic showing a different wooden bed in ep. 7 ” Lasse trillar i en vak” I think this is Bosse (on right). Pic 3 below showing all 8 kids sleeping on the ground in one room (ep. 6 “Kalas hos moster Jenny”.)

I don’t remember all episodes but they also sleeps at a hay loft (or is this only at the 1987 series?) I also remember a pillow fight but haven’t found this ep. yet (but looks similar to the first pic). Maybe I confound this with a similar Lindgren series (“Vi på Saltkråkan” or one of it’s sequels).

Good family series, novels Astrid Lindgren. There is also a 1986 film and a 1987 series (director Lasse Hallström) which I also have to check completely and aren’t bad either. There is a mistake at IMDb. Alla vi barn i Bulleryn isn’t just a 90 minutes movie. Same problem as other Lindgren series like Emil i Lönneberga. There are some shorter film versions as well. A similar series is “Vi på Saltkråkan” (rating 1 on my overalls blog).

Rating 7-8 although the boys are quite young. Director Olle Hellbom. Aka “The Children of Bullerbyn Village” “The Children of Noisy Village”.

Update: The 1987 movie/series “Mer om oss barn i Bullerbyn” coming soon (also on my sailor suit blog). Similar scenes like all together sleeping on the floor. Set in 1928 and 1928 (not in the 1940s)



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