You Can’t Do That on Television


Kids comedy series, 143 ep. in 10 seasons
Year: 1979-1990
Year in film: ~1987
Country: Canada
Who in bedroom: Doug ~14, Alasdair ~16
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recording
Rating: 10 /10
Rating: **********
Comment: There are at least two short sketch scenes in this studio bedroom (studio and cameras shown) in ep s7e13 “Censorship”. Doug Ptolemy and Alasdair Gillis sharing this bedroom. Single beds. Alasdair is shy about undressing/changing his clothes in front of his brother. Black boxes below their waists. I think blond Doug sleeping on the right. There are also other bedrooms, I think at least Alasdair without any siblings. I also remember a Waltons like sketch, I think grown-up Barth and kids in one big bed, Barth in the middle. There are also other boys acting and teen girls but I don’t know all episodes. I have to check that again later, especially for the tag 3 or more in one bed. Maybe there are also bunk beds.

Probably the best Canadian comedy series of the 80s. Also on my overalls blog (rating 6, boy + teen girl) and even on my sailor suit blog.

Rating 10 for this bedroom, scene and series.

Update: I found this Waltons sketch (s7e7). However the Waltons never slept in one bed (see that entry).

Update 2: Also an updated entry on my sailor suit blog. Please also note the spin-off with a bunk bed (and shiny shorts summer camp) (rating 8) also shown on YCDTOTV.





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