Schloss Einstein

schlosseinstein-jan schlosseinstein-leon

German TV series about a boarding school. 15+ seasons
Year: 1998-
Year in film: 1990s/2000s/2010s
Country: Germany
Who in bedroom: 2/3 teen boys, girls
Kind of beds: single beds, bunk bed
Available on DVD: no, partly
I own: yes, TV recording
Rating: 8 /10
Rating: ********
Comment: Teen boys and girls in this modern boarding school. Mainly 2 beds in one room in early seasons (single beds), but 3 or more in later seasons as there are more and more kid actors. Few bunk beds. The girl’s rooms look similar with girl props and posters. Studio rooms, but probably more than 1.

Pic showing Jan (Marcus Diller, wearing braces), probably in season 6 (or 7). The right bed belongs to punk Valentin (Lieven Wölk) and there’s a 3rd bed opposite to that of Felix (Lucas Scupin).

The 2nd pic showing firefighter Leon (Daniel Wachoviak) who sleeps on a separate bed on the right and a bunk bed with Sven (Philipp Gerstner on bottom bunk) in episode 325. On left Denis (Raphael D’Souza). For more infos and a pic of the 3rd bed see my overalls blog, rating 5 (9).

I like this series but prefer the earlier season in Seelitz. I didn’t pay attention to the bedroom scenes in later seasons (I will check that soon). My favourite bedroom scenes are of Sebastian (Marcus Wengler, braces) and Franz in season 2 (update: pic below, 2 beds, both vertical arranged) and later.

Rating 8-9.




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