The Sleepover Club

sleepoverclub  sleepoverclub-s2

Family series, 2 seasons starring Basia A’Hern
Year: 2003-2007
Year in film: 2000s
Country: Australia
Who in bedroom: 5 girls. Boys
Kind of beds: Bunk bed + single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 6 /10 *
Rating: ******
Comment: Different bedrooms and different beds including a wooden bunk bed and a rare two story bed. But also single beds.

The title says it all Sleepover Club. I think the Sleepover of the 5 teen girls is held at different locations. There are 2 seasons with different actors/actresses. I like the first season but don’t like the 2nd season. There are 3 boys and at least one (Michael) is a brother of one of the girls (Lyndz/A’Hern). I have to search if there is also a boy bedroom shown. They should make a Boys Sleepover Club series. Books by Rose Impey.

Pics: 1st pic from s1e16, 2nd pic from season 2, 3rd pic from s1e20.

Quite good series with some good scenes of boys including braces and swimwear. One overweighted and no handsome boys in season 2.

Rating 6 for now. Season 2 is currently being aired in Germany.



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