Diff’rent Strokes


Comedy series /sitcom, 189 ep in 8 seasons
Year: 1978-1986
Year in film: 1970s/80s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Arnold 8, Willis 12 (s1)
Kind of beds: bunk bed
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: Probably Gary Coleman (1968-2010) as main character Arnold (left) and his older brother Willis (played by Todd Bridges) in this bedroom and bunk bed (adopted orphans brothers). There is also a 13 yo girl (Dana Plato) who probably has a room for her own. The lower bunk has a different orientation.

I don’t remember all episodes and have to check it again especially the later seasons.

Pic taken from my bib overalls film blog (rating 5, boys + girl in bibs), s3e5.

For bedroom scenes rating 4-5 for now. Arnold looking very young.


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