Die Thomaner (2012)

thomaner2012b thomaner2012

Documentary about this boys choir
Year: 2012
Year in film: 2012
Country: Germany
Who in bedroom: boys 9-19
Kind of beds: single beds, bunk beds
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: yes, TV recording
Rating: 8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Several boys in different bedrooms. I think between (2) 3 to at least 4 boys per room (at the new 2012 location of this boarding school). At least until 8 on the previous location (pic 2)

This new documentary had been aired some days ago. First pic showing 2 bunk beds, so 4 boys. 2nd pic 4 horizontally beds on the left + 2 beds on the right + 1 bunk bed = 8 boys (older location). I’ve also seen a room with at least 3 single beds (2 vertically on the left and at least 1 vertically on the right). Note that the bedroom (pic 2) is very sparse, just beds, no other furniture, not even cupboards.

Nowadays there are fewer beds in one bedroom, maybe even 2 or just 1 for the older teen boys. There were probably larger dormitories in earlier decades.

Also showing an interesting huge washing room with showers and lots of sinks (showers not shown).

Sadly this choir nowadays wearing suits with no real sailor collar flaps (see also my sailor suit blog, 800 Jahre Thomanerchor, rating 3 and Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer (2003) rating 2 starring Frederick Lau.)

I like boarding schools. Bedrooms looking good. One brief scene of a pillow fight at the evening maybe in the room of pic 2.

Rating 7-8.


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