Drama, director Michael Cuesta
Year: 2001
Year in film: ~2000
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Howie 15. Gary 15
Kind of beds: single beds / houses
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, DVD
Rating: 5/10 *
Rating: *****
Comment: Paul Dano (pictured in both pics, but the modern bedroom on the 1st pic is his) and at a different location the messy bedroom of his friend (same age, played by Billy Kay).

Perfect movie, perfect actor, perfect song, perfect plot, also showing Dano in tighty whities and braces. His bedroom is very modern, big bed and some interesting scenes.

I like this movie but don’t watch it often. Bedroom is not bad, but I prefer older farm houses, bunk beds and brothers in the same room. Aka “Long Island Expressway”, rated R.

The best except Paul Franklin Dano (“The Emperor’s Club”) is the song Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan. I rather bought this DVD by coincidence and is much better than thought.

Rating 5-6 for bedroom, rating 9-10 for the movie.



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