Info 11: New stats


Some new stats. I created several TOP-5 pics on this new blog before. Previous stats pic below. All new except The Brady Bunch. Slums of Beverly Hills originally titled UNKNOWN and tighty whities.

Next stats pic in about 4 weeks. Thanks for almost 1500 hits in few weeks. Alltime hits:

-Slums of Beverly Hills: 63 (including unknown)
-Air Bud: Golden Receiver: 23
-Respiro (2002) aka Lampedusa: 19
-Zoey 101: 18
-The Brady Bunch: 18
-Taps (1981): 16

Visitors: Since FR Jan. 11th (first time more than 100/day) about ~70 hits, (was ~30).

-US: 576
-Germany: 138
-Poland: 58
-Brazil: 57
-France: 47

Too early for specific search terms. Also many visitors coming from my other blogs.

Most viewed tags:

-boys: 201
-separate beds: 151
-film: 149
-2 brothers: 103
-non-USA: 78



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