Bedtime Stories (2008)

bedtimestories2008 bedtimestories2008b

Disney film starring Adam Sandler
Year: 2008
Year in film: 2000s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Patrick ~ 7, Bobbi ~7
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: Jonathan Morgan Heit (Patrick) and Laura Ann Kesling in different bedrooms. Pics 2 and 3 showing a combination of bedroom, kitchen and living room.

Good and interesting bedrooms, quite entertaining family movie but the kids are very young. Had recently been aired, but I missed most of it.

Also starring Keri Russell, Courtney Cox and Guy Pearce. Rated PG.

Rating 5-6 for bedrooms, rating 3-4 for the movie. Too much adventure scenes.



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