Die Wollnys – Eine schrecklich große Familie!

Reality TV, large family, still running
Year: 2011-
Year in film: 2010s
Country: Germany
Who in bedroom: 10 kids/teens
Kind of beds: bunk beds, single
Available on DVD: yes, partly
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: The Wollny parents have 11 kids. But “only” 8 still living at home. Therof 7 girls and one teen boy (Jeremy Pascal, 14 yo in season 1). And later also the friend of the second oldest teen girl (later also the friend of the then 20 yo oldest teen girl) living here. “Germany’s most famous large family”. 2 grown-up kids not living here are 2 males and one female. Sorry, no pics.

Sorry, I don’t remember exactly the bedrooms, but I’ve seen at least a wooden bunk bed, probably more. Maybe selfmade. The youngest girl was 6 yo in s1. There are also other locations as on a holiday hotel (Turkey).

They live in a 3 story house with lots of rooms. Probably at least 2 rooms for the girls and one for the boys and the oldest girl and the parents.

I have to check this again. New season started yesterday and can be seen again online. I remember rather few bedroom scenes. In the episode the oldest girl and her friend tried to live for their own.

Also on my overalls blog (rating 5, boy).

Rating 3 for bedrooms, rating 5-6 for the series. Quite funny, but mainly the mom and the teen boy.

Update: Jeremy-Pascal has a small room for his own. He recently got complete new interior (furniture and wallpapers with Asian signs) as he had a too childish room before. But now it looks like in the shop. No real bed but a convertible sofa. Still no good scenes of the girl’s rooms.

Update 2: Jeremy now lives at his father. I have seen a small room with one bunk bed, so they obviously have enough rooms. Maybe there is one room with 2 bunk beds. I think I’ve also seen a high sleeper. But at least in the vacation there are more in a room, so leaving the tags.


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