The Little Vampire (2000)

kleinevampir kleinevampir2

Family film starring Jonathan Lipnicki
Year: 2000
Year in film: 2000s ?
Country: Germany, NL, USA
Who in bedroom: Nigel, Flint ~ 12, Tony 9
Kind of beds: separate/ same bed
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, TV recording
Rating: 5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: American Jonathan Lipnicki in this bedroom (pic 3 below, sleeping head on the footboard, also visited from the little vampire called Rüdiger who hides in the coffer right next to his bed, I think also real coffins shown). The bullies Flint (Scott Fletcher) and his brother Nigel (Iain De Caestecker (British)) usually sleeping in separate beds in one room but one coming into the same bed as he is afraid of the vampire. Funny screaming.

Good novel by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg but I don’t like this movie version with this young Jonathan Lipnicki. The 2 TV series are much better, also see the entry “Der Kleine Vampir – Neue Abenteuer” rating 8 on my Lederhosen blog.

The movie had been aired some days ago but I only saw this scenes by coincidence. But I’ve seen it several times before.

Quite funny including vampire cows (farm setting) and other school scenes. But as said before both series (80s and 90s) are much better.

For this bedroom scenes rating 5.



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