Tom Sawyer (2011)


German film starring Louis Hofmann
Year in film: ~
Who in bedroom:
Tom ~13, Sid 9 ?
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, TV recording
Rating: **
Louis Hofmann (Tom, on the right, metal bed) and his younger brother Sid praying at a wooden bed. Loft bedroom.

Had been aired recently (rebroadcasting Dec 26 on arte). I have seen it completely for the first time.

The worst Tom Sawyer version ever. Sorry. Everything is bad. Actors (although Louis is quite handsome but not with that hair and pants), props, setting, style of movie making …

Huck, Sid and Aunt Polly are much too young. Big bedroom, but could be worse. Sid also sitting on Tom’s bed. Why different kind of beds? And of course no bib overalls (what might be true to the novel). The plot is just about Tom but they probably want to add a Huck. It’s hard to put alle the plot in one movie.

Typical modern 2010s German movie (like Wickie) to get families in theatres. Please check out my other Tom+Huck versions on all my blogs.

For the sake of completion.

Bedroom scenes rating 2-3. Movie 3, Louis face 8.


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