Nichego strashnogo (rating 10)


Russian short film
Year in film:
1990s ?
Who in bedroom:
boys ~11 ?
Kind of beds:
single beds
Available on DVD:
yes ?
I own:
Rating: **********
6 beds at angled postion in a round dorm at a pioneer camp. Handsome shirtless boys.

I had to clean up my hard disc and found again this very interesting movie. (I previously had some pics but didn’t remembered the title of the movie).

20 minutes. Awarded movie. Russian title “Ничего страшного”. English title “There Is Nothing to Be Scared of” referring to storys the boys tell each other. 1991 novel “Blue Lantern” by famous Victor Pelewin. Directed by Ulyana Shilkina.

I don’t remember the complete movie and unfortunately I still don’t understand Russian, but I remember a very good movie. Maybe there are 2 boys in one bed as well?

Very interesting bedroom and  bed constellation.

Rating 10. I have to check that again.


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