Invisible Mom II (1999)


Family film starring Justin Berfield
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
Eddie 12, Josh ~16
Kind of beds:
single bed
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, partly TV recording ?
3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Looks like Trenton Knight (left) and film cousin Justin Berfield sharing one bed. Pic taken from the trailer.

I’m prettey sure, that I have seen this movie, but can’t remember it and have to recheck it completetly the next broadcasting (same for the prequel).

Also starring Dee Wallace. Not to be confused with Invisible Mom 2 (1998). There is also a good movie called Invisible Dad (good actors but I don’t rememebr good bedroom scenes in there).

Obviously a temporary bedroom. Could be much better. No brothers anyway but at least sharing one bed.

Rating 3 for now. Maybe movie or other scenes a bit better.


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