Flight of the Navigator


Disney Sci-Fi film starring Joey Cramer
Year in film:
1978, 1986
Who in bedroom:
David 12
Kind of beds:
single bed
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, TV recording
Rating: *****
Canadian Joey Cramer in this bedroom. I think a room for his own. I don’t remember that older guy. But most scenes are outside that bedroom as usual anyway.

Recently I have searched for some 80s movies and stuff (see my overalls blog). I have seen this complete movie many years ago and only can remember some key scenes.

I like this movie. Very handsome actor and funny scenes like a peeing scene.

There are some websites dealing with the 80s props like shoes or toys and I think I have to add this as well.

There are few good pics of 80s bedrooms and few good scenes of (non-actor) 80s kids and teens.

I’d like to watch this  movie again and will recheck it for more scenes. Very interesting that they are going to make a sequel. I also own similar movies like D.A.R.Y.L.

Rating 5-6 only for this bedroom (movie rating about 7). Maybe it was higher some years ago.


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