Chiquititas (1995)

chiquititas-97 chiquititas-136

Sitcom, 1016 episodes
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
girls, teen boys
Kind of beds:
bunk beds, single, separate rooms
Available on DVD:
I own:
Rating: *********
Several girls (orphans) in different beds and rooms throughout 6 seasons and some movies. There are standard beds as well as this rare bunk bed in pic 2 which looks very integrated and featuring pink curtains. Probably on the right is another one. Pic is from episode 136. Typical girls’ colors. I only remember integrated beds and curtains in 19th century movies. Of course not so colorful.

First pic from episode 97 showing a teen boys’ (?) room with a grey bunk bed. Also an interesting colorful room.

Probably there are much more other bedrooms (also of grown ups). I don’t have the time to check more than 1000 episodes but I think mainly girls are shown.

Rare and interesting beds but rating 3 for now only.

Also on my overalls blog (rating 3, boys, girl, woman).

Update: I forgot one scene in ep1: 6 separate beds and 2 bunk beds, makes 10 girls in one room. Mainly grey color.

Update 2: I now also have Chiquititas Brasil (1997), rating 7-8. At least 5 boys in one room and 6 girls in another.

Update some more interesting rooms in this 1995 series (rating 9), previously 3



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