Highway to Heaven


Drama series starring Michael Landau
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
different boys
Kind of beds:
separate beds, bunk beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, partly TV recording
6/10 *
Rating: ******
Several mainly boys including orphans in very different bedrooms. Also bunk beds, dormitories and at least 2 and 3 boys sharing one bed. 111 episodes in 5 seasons.

One of my most favourite series or maybe the most favourite in the 80s. I still have some episodes on VHS and DVDr. Some handsome boys and also some wearing swim shorts. My most favourite episode is s2e1+2. Many episodes are very dramatic and tear jerking often about handicapped kids and other problems. Starring Michael Landau and Victor French. Also many, partly famous guest actors. My latest entry on my western blog (“A Gunfight”, 1971 starring Eric Douglas, rating 8 also starred here in s4e6 but older now).

First to the scenes pictured. Pic 1 from s1e3 showing 2 boys sharing one bed. I don’t remember their names. Later Barret Oliver in one bed at a hospital, probably on the right). Pic 2 from s2e1, my favourite episode about cancer and a summer camp, but here still at home. Pic 3 from s2e2 (same episode part 2 at camp) with many bunk beds. Pic 4 is also from s1e3.

Some other episodes I found (but I haven’t checked them all) s2e13 interesting bed, s4e13 with 4 boys (at least 3 sharing one bed, one boy is older, but dark lit scene).

I like the 80s and this is definitely worth buying on DVD (but this is often rebroadcasted, so I save the money).

I don’t remember much episodes showing perfect bedrooms and showing brothers. Or very interesting bunk beds.

So rating 6-7 for now. Series is much better though. I have to record and recheck all episodes the next airing.

Update: I bought this DVD set. 2 more wpisodes of interest (both season 3, rating 6)


Danny Pintauro in s4e2 including an orphanage, rating 6



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