Flowers in the Attic (2014)


Thriller starring Heather Graham
Year in film:
Canada, USA
Who in bedroom:
Chris 15, Cathy 13, Carrie, Cory 5
Kind of beds:
2 in 2 separate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, partly TV recording
Rating: ****
4 siblings are locked in a mansion in a large room. The teen girl and her younger sister sharing the left bed and the brothers the right one. Set in the late 1950s but it’s timeless anyway.

This interesting remake (novel by V. C. Andrews) had been aired 2 days ago. Unfortunately I missed the beginning which takes place one year ago and probably showing their real home and bedrooms as well. But I doubt that they shared beds then.

Exciting movie also includes romatic scenes between the teens.

There are much better other movies with siblings. The younger kids (Maxwell Kovach and Ava Telek) are very young and the older ones quite old (Mason Dye is about 17, Kiernan Shipka about 15). And it’s not their real home room and situation.

But interesting plot and a new entry for some rare tags (brother+sister sharing a room and sisters sharing a bed).

I have to check the 1987 movie and there’s also a 2014 sequel. Also starring Ellen Burstyn as granny (“The Excorcist 1973”)

Rating 3-4 for this one.


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