Die drei Klumberger


Family TV series starring Oliver Korittke
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
Monika. Michael. Axel
Kind of beds:
single + unknown
Available on DVD:
I own:
1 ep
4/10  ??
Rating: ****
This is obviously the bedroom of Monika (Kirsten Stage about 13 yo or younger). She has 2 brothers: handsome Michael 14 yo (Torsten Sense, also shown shirtless) and Axel about 8 yo (blond Oliver Korittke, also shirtless but very small). All in tight jeans but I think flared legs.

I only have one episode (from a compilation DVD), now the series (13 episodes are available on DVD). I haven’t found any clips yet and very few pics and don’t know if the brothers sharing one room (what is plausible). But the house seems quite big enough for separate rooms of the kids. After their film dad died they move to the Netherlands with another boy and rooms. Maybe some or all sharing rooms there.

I considered buying the DVD set as Michael is handsome but I think I wait if it’s on TV or online. I also don’t like the 70s (although it looks more like the 80s)

Although I prefer US movies and series I also want to post some other retro stuff from Germany as there are few pics on the web. Unfortunately nothing much to see here. In the late 70s I liked bold and cool Oliver Korittke but not anymore (neither young nor old).

Rating 4-5 for now, but completely unsure.


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