Home Improvement – season 8


Family comedy series with 3 sons of Tim Allen, 8 seasons
Year: 1991-1999
Year in film: 1998
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Brad 17, Marc 14
Kind of beds: bunk bed
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly
Rating: 5 /10
Rating: *****
Comment: An interesting messy bedroom in s8e11. A blue wooden bunk bed with matching shelves. Maybe selfmade by Tim Allen. As Randy (pictured) was out of home for a long time and just came for a Christmas visit, I think this is the room of Brad,17 yo and Marc, 14 yo. Randy had to clean up this room.

I had this ready prepared some months ago, so now finally this update.

Of course I prefer the earlier episodes with the younger 3 brothers (separate beds, often Brad as the oldest had his own room. Randy once moved to the cellar).

Main entry (rating 5) at


Please also note my entries on my overalls blog (boys, girls, men, women).

I don’t have much messy bedrooms and I like bunk beds. But this is a brief scene and I think studio setting and nothing much to see.


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