Space Warriors


Family film
Year in film:
2010s ?
Who in bedroom:
teen boys, girls
Kind of beds:
bunk beds, high sleeper
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, TV recording
Rating: ***
Some teens in different “habitats” of the Space Camp in Huntville, Alabama. But few and short scenes only. At least 2 bunk beds and one high sleeper with a desk underneath (might differ on other rooms). High sleeper is shown on front and another bunk bed is angled at 90 degrees on the southern wall. Looks like wooden and with red metal. Not even fully shown, so I had to search for real photographs. Also teen boys and girls in quite good blue coveralls.

Had been aired 3 weeks ago. Main character is a 13 yo boy.

Interesting “dorms” (real location) but unfortunately no real good scenes.

Rating 3-4. Could be much higher with a different plot. The movie is also nothing special, some competitions of older teens. Very low IMDb rating of 4.3, rated PG.


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