Eight Is Enough (1977)


Family series starring Dick Van Patten
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
2 older girls. Boy8+16. others
Kind of beds:
seperate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
5/10  ?
Rating: *****
8 children but only one preteen boy (Nicholas 8 yo in s1), one teen boy (Tommy 16) and one teen girl (Elizabeth 17 yo). The rest are in their 20s.

I haven’t checked all 112 episodes of this Lorimar series (“The Waltons”, another large family). And that are the best bedroom scenes I found.

At least 2 or maybe 3 sisters sharing the room in pic 2 (from the intro of season 1) and a teen boy (? is this Ralph Macchio ? or Grant Goodeve?) in pic 1 (unknown episode in 1980). Most interesting is Nicholas, played by Adam Rich, also on my bib overalls blog rating 7. He should share a room with his older brother Tommy (played by Willie Aames with longer curly blond hair, and also by Chris English in 1977). I haven’t found a pic showing both beds and don’t know if maybe one of them get a room for his own later.

There are also many other actors beside the family like friends (like Ralph Macchio and Noah Hathaway). Maybe there are more locations shown as well? There are also more different cast members in 1977 like Mark Hamill and Kimberly Beck. So it’s a bit confusing to identify and separate all them.

I don’t like the 70s and long hair, probably the last two seasons are better.

Rating 4-5 for now. I have to recheck full episodes later.


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