Die Jungs-WG – Ein Monat ohne Eltern


Kids reality TV, 3+ seasons
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
3+2 teen boys
Kind of beds:
seperate beds+double
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, TV recording
6/10  ?
Rating: ******
5 young teen boys from different regions making winter holiday together in Tyrol, Austria without parents. 2 bedrooms. 3 in one room, beds vertically aligned (later they changed it and one bed is vertical). The other 2 sharing a double bed. Bedrooms are in different wings of the house, both on the roof.

Series (season 3) is still running (weekdays on Kika) and also can be watched online at tivi.de. I like this series, although some are rather childish and silly. Some boys are handsome and they are all very different. Sleeping shirtless and also good scenes in the whirlpool and talking about private stuff. Lukas (Munich) and Tom are my favourites.

I have to check the other episodes and also the earlier seasons. But this one is obiously the best.

For more infos see my Lederhosen blog, rating 4. Now also on my shiny shorts blog.

Rating 6 for now.

There was a rebroadcasting in 2018, but I missed the first episodes. In the final episode/day, also all 5 in one room.


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