Valerie (1986)


Sitcom starring Jason Bateman
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
Mark, Willie 12, David 16
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
no *
I own:
Rating: *********
There are 3 brothers, twins Mark and Willie, 12 yo in season 1 (played by Jeremy Licht and Luis Daniel Ponce) and their older brother played by 16 yo Jason Bateman.

Currently there’s only one episode on YouTube (Nightmare on Oak Street, s3e9) and I think all 3 brothers sharing one room. Jason later sitting on the left near the left bed watching to the left (over his right shoulder) and there’s the other 12 yo shown sleeping. At least 2 beds but I think 3, maybe the room constellation changed in later seasons.

Very interesting series (at least the early seasons) aka Valerie’s Family and “The Hogan Family”. Not officially on DVD but there are some expensive DVD-R offers. (Not sure about the image quality and seller quality). 6 seasons. I like the 80s.

Although I haven’t seen much, except that episode and some pics, I give rating 9 for now.


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