Starting Out (1973)


ITV School TV series
Year in film:
1982, 1986
Who in bedroom:
boy ~11, girl ~15 ?, boys 6+13
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
Rating: ******
An older girl lying in bed and her younger brother (just stolen her diary) in this bedroom (not sure if they both sleeping here) in ep “Them and Us” (filmed in Birmingham in 1982) of series part 4. I first assumed that there are 2 brothers. Note, that there are 2 other (1980) episodes called “Them and Us” as well.

Searching for some other rare school TV episodes for my overalls blog (most episodes of the 70s and 80s are very rare and I haven’t found clips for the ones I’ve seached) I found this interesting one on YouTube.

One other interesting episode is “Escapes” (1986, series #5) with 2 boys in 1 bed, the youngest one wets the bed (pic below).

Although it’s a lengthy and well known series there’s currently no entry on IMDb.

First considered rating 7 for pics, now rating 6. I like the design of the bedroom 1 but unfortunately not 2 brothers.



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