Ein Fall für TKKG (1985)


Family series
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
2 boys ~13. Boy+girl?
Kind of beds:
bunk beds
Available on DVD:
no, partly VHS
I own:
Rating: ******
At least 2 separate rooms in this youth hostel what might be a mansion. There are 4 members of this detective club, including one girl. Fabian Harloff sleeps in a room next door in the lower bunk. I don’t know if the girl is on the upper bunk or has a room for her own. Probably there are also other bedrooms shown of their real homes (of 2 of them).

I have read that they partly live in a boarding school. Not sure if it’s here.

Pic from ep 3. I recently had to recheck it for my overalls blog (rating 3) if the fat boy wears corduroy bibs or not (no he didn’t).

I have to check the other episodes. Still not released on DVD but on YouTube.

I like the 80s but prefer US movies. Rating 5-6 for now.


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