Boyhood (2014)


Coming-of age drama starring Ellar Coltrane
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
Mason, Samantha ~10
Kind of beds:
bunk bed
Available on DVD:
I own:
Rating: ***
Mason around 10 yo sharing a bunk bed with his sister (Mason on upper bunk) longer hair, also one or two years later with short hair. Pic 1 near the beginning of the movie. Later a different location at his divorced dad (he sleeps on a sofa). Pic 2 more later at 50 min. showing a different room with additional 2 half siblings but I think they don’t share one room.

I recently bought this Oscar awarded movie on DVD and was disappointed. A real coming-of-age movie but without “usual” coming-of-age scenes. Quite handsome boy but only around the first half or third of the movie (At the beginning and pictured on the cover he is even younger than thought, so too young). I hoped for more scenes of the younger, preteen boy. Luckily the movie is 165 minutes.

I also expected a completetly different kind of movie and more documentary or at least mentioning the current age. You only notice a different year by a different haircut.12 years are shown but around one day (and 14 minutes in the movie) of each year.

And this kind of movie is nothing special. Every dad filming his kids. And I also know a similar DVD (I forget the title now but still consider buying that one). Update: It’s Put the camera on me.

Very few good scenes and few bedroom scenes. Best scenes maybe at 26 minutes with different actors. Probably it’s also soon on TV, so rather a waste of money.

Bedroom and movie rating 3-4 (at least quite unusual to share a bunk bed with a girl in that age).


2 thoughts on “Boyhood (2014)

  1. smokie6161 says:

    How do I get invited to see these movies?

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