Regards d’enfance: L’été de Mathieu


Drama movie series
Year in film:
1990 ?
Who in bedroom:
Mathieu ~12
Kind of beds:
single bed
Available on DVD:
no ?
I own:
no, partly TV recording
Rating: ****
12 or 13 yo Loius Kreitmann as 11 yo Mathieu in this modern bedroom. I think no siblings, but he visits his dad for 2 years on the seaside.

Quite good movie, nice beach scenes, also a brief overalls scene (next to Mathieu on the book cover), overalls blog rating 2. I have 3 other episodes here (Je voudrais descendre (rating 3), Le garcon qui ne dormait pas (rating 6) and L’enfant sage (rating 6) which are much better concerning bedroom and other scenes).

Rating 4 for this bedroom scene. Movie rating at least 5-6.

Correct apostrophe to fix the search: Regards d’enfance:


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