Info 24: On TV Die Jungs-WG – season 4


Daily at 20.10 h on German Kika. “Die Jungs-WG: Sommer. Sonne. Elternfrei.” Also available online at

Other teen boys this time in Italy (summer). But the boys in season 3 (snow) were much better.

3 boys sleeping in the basement. 2 upstairs. But as it’s too warm they sleep outside on the balcony.

Season 2 (Mallorca) is also interesting: In the 1st episode also bedrooms at their real homes are shown. At least one boy appears to share a bed with his younger brother (or is this the bed of the parents?) At least one bed on Mallorca is a double bed. Season 1 is poor. But I only have briefly checked it.

Season 3 (rating 6) at




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