Incompreso (Vita col figlio)


Drama. Novel Florence Montgomery
Year in film:
Italy, France
Who in bedroom:
boys Andrea 11, Milo 4
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
4/10  ?
Rating: ****
11 or 12 yo Stefano Colagrande as 8 yo Andrea /Andrew and film brother Simone Giannozzi as Milo/Miles sharing this room. White metal beds close to each other. Splendid room set in an mansion in Florence.

Quite interesting movie, I found during research for my Italian coming-of-age movie.

English title: Misunderstood. 1869 novel by Florence Montgomery but movie setting is at present time. Directed by Luigi Comencini (Pinocchio (1972), Cuore (1984), Un ragazzo di Calabria), all that movies and series are very good and partly on my sailor suit blog.

Milo is very young. Rating 4-5 for this bedroom. There are also later remakes of this movie. A 1984 remake (filmed in 1982) even starring Henry Thomas and Huckleberry Fox (I have to check it).


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