Rannee, rannee utro…


Family mini series, 3 parts
Year in film:
Soviet Union
Who in bedroom:
Dinka ~8, Myshka ~9, boy ?
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
no ?
I own:
3/10  ?
Rating: ***
The main character has 2 older sisters. One (Alina is some years older), so she probably shares her room with the girl Myshka. There are also 2 boys (friend and orphan). I think she don’t had brothers but not sure. Maybe her friend is just like a brother.

However interesting wooden 1910s Russian bedroom with interesting but probably typical metal beds for it’s time. I don’t remember much more. Most scenes are outsides.

Also on my sailor suit blog, rating 5.

Раннее, раннее утро…, English title: Early, Early morning. Loosely based on the autobiographical 1959 novel “Dinka” (Динка) by Valentina Oseeva (Осеева, Валентина Александровна). There is also another 1971 movie about that called Найди меня, Лёня! (Naydi menya, Lyonya!) but I haven’t checked that.


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