Ma and Pa Kettle


Comedy film
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
4 boys ?
Kind of beds:
2×2 foldaway beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
5/10  ?
Rating: *****
The pic showing 4 kids at least 2 boys (on the left), probably 4 boys in electric driven, horizontal foldaway beds.

The Kettle’s have 15 kids, but around 6 are grown-ups or older teens. I think some more are females (at least 4 young girls and 2 very young boys). Farm setting first (I didn’t noticed bedrooms of interest there), but here they had already moved to the house-of-the-future. There are 10 different movies (1947-1957). I still have to check most of them.

Quite interesting and my first entry of this kind of beds. One of the most famous boys is Teddy Infuhr. Some very good other scenes including jeans and overalls (partly in other movies, soon on my other blog).

Rating 5-6 for this modern bedroom. Funny and rare but I don’t like it that much.


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