Cudowne dziecko (1987)


Fantasy film
Year in film:
1980s ?
Poland, CDN
Who in bedroom:
Peter ~13 ?
–Kind of beds:
single bed
Available on DVD:
yes ?
I own:
Rating: ***
I think one boy, probably 11 or 12 yo Peter played by 13 or 14 Rusty Jedwab in this bedroom. Wooden, untidy furniture with red fronts. Reminds me somehow of my childhood (what was earlier). I think no siblings, at least not in this room.

I have checked it some time ago and don’t remember much. English title The Young Magician. Produced by Rock Demers “Contes pour tous” movie series by Rock Demers (Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller), Whiskers (1997) and many other masterpieces.

Rating 3-4 f0r now. What else to say? Maybe good plot and movie. But there are better ones including more handsome actors.


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