Update: Lockie Leonard


Almost in every episode there are Lockie and his younger brother Phillip shown in their colorful, green yellow 70s style bedroom (rating 10).

In ep s1e20 there is a camp scene with bunk beds. 4 bunk beds are visible, simple wooden bunk beds and 2 out of metal (behind Geoffrey aka Egg there’s another wooden bunk bed). Probably there are 4 more bunk beds on the opposite wall in this room.

Unfortunatley no scenes at night. But still quite interesting. Rating 6 for this. Good and funny and some dramatic plots. Also see my overalls blog (rating 5).There’s also the pink room of Vicki shown.

Main entry here, rating 10


Update 2: Good scenes also of Egg’s room (purple, black, white with speakers and egg boxes on the wall) and Vicki’s pink room in s1e26 or 25.


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