Chiquititas Brasil (1997)


Sitcom, 5 seasons
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
orphans. Boys. Girls.
Kind of beds:
bunk beds + separate
Available on DVD:
no ?
I own:
Rating: 7
/10 ?
Rating: *******
This is series about an orphanage with at least 5 boys (maybe some or all are brothers ?) sharing one room in season 3 with 2 blue bunk beds and one separate bed. Also at least 6 girls sharing another room (pic 2, ep 120).

There are hundreds of episodes and I only have checked some few of them, mainly 1998 and 1999 for my overalls blog (f/m, rating 6 for now). There are also other locations with single beds. Some bunk beds are maybe in wall niches (at least in the original series). Material unknown. Some bunk beds seems to be out of wood. Last pic rather metal?

Pic 1 is from s3e61. Pic 3 from an unknown episode, probably season 3 as well. That room is very large.

There are also many other Chiquititas series in different countries (originally from Argentina, rating 3) and also a modern 2013 Brasilian series. More posts coming soon.

Rating even 7-8 for now.




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