Looking for Miracles


Sullivan film with kids at a camp
Year in film:
Country: Canada
Who in bedroom:
Sullivan 8, Ryan 16. Others
Kind of beds:
same bed. Bunk beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Zachary Bennett (Sullivan) and film brother Greg Spottiswood sharing one bed. Also at least one other location at camp with at least one, probably 2 or more bunk beds in at least one cabin. Also a tent scene (see my overalls blog).

How could I miss this? I even own the DVD for years. But I rarely watch it.

Very interesting 1930s movie also showing Zachary Bennett in underwear (short buttoned union suit), there are more, even better scenes also walking front+rear. But this blog is just about bedrooms.

I’m currently very busy and will recheck the movie more carefully, later.

For now rating even 7 for bedroom scenes. Rating 5 on my overalls blog, rating 3 on my sailor suit blog).

Update: I’ve noticed one bunk bed and 2 separate beds in the counselor’s cabin. Adding tag 4 or more in one room.


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