Voltati Eugenio


Drama dir. Luigi Comencini
Year in film:
Italy, France
Who in bedroom:
Eugenio ~12, Fernanda 26
Kind of beds:
single + separated
Available on DVD:
yes BD
I own:
5/10 ?
Rating: *****
I think this is 12 yo Francesco Bonelli as 10 (and 14 yo ?) Eugenio. Different locations and rooms. Pic 1 maybe still set in Rome maybe a room for his own. I think he also has a sister. Pic 2 showing him and I think Dalila Di Lazzaro sharing a room with metal beds.

Sorry, I’m very busy and don’t remember the complete movie. I think I even haven’t seen it recently. Some other scenes of interest like tighty whiteys.

I found this several days ago on my neverending search for the unknown Italian coming-of-age movie. For more about that movie and also more movies by Luigi Comencini (up to rating 10 like Cuore (1984)) see my sailor suit blog.

Rating 5-6 for now for this one. Obviously no brothers and no bunk beds. But probably a very interesting movie.


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