Kinderen voor Kinderen


Dutch kids’ music annual shows and clips. 1980-present
Year in film:
The Netherlands
Who in bedroom:
boys ~9+11. Girls
Kind of beds:
4x single
Available on DVD:
I own:
Rating: *****
At least these 2 separate bedrooms of this brothers Jurgen (pic 1) and Arjan (pic 2 also in underwear). They have 2 sisters and each of them also has a room for her own. Both pics from song “Ochtendhumeur” from episode 6 (1985). I think some more bedrooms in other episodes (episode 10 ?). I don’t know and don’t remember every clip but I assume rather few bedrooms for what I have seen. Many clips are outside or on the stage.

Rating 5 for now. And I doubt that there are better scenes. Bunk beds? More in one bed? Maybe in the show on stage? Often girls are shown.

Also on my bib overalls blog rating 8 (f/m) and my Lederhosen blog rating 3. I haven’t found girls in pigtails yet.


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