The Tomorrow People (1973)


Sci-Fi series, 68 ep
Year in film:
1970s, Future
Who in bedroom:
boys ~11-16 ?
Kind of beds:
dorm, separate beds. Single
Available on DVD:
I own:
6/10 ?
Some single beds but also this dorm (Scottish boarding school) with at least 8, 10 or more beds in 2 rows. Metal beds, but one in the lower row is larger and wooden. Pic 1 from s2e10 (also shown up to s2e13). Starring Simon Gipps-Kent, Peter Vaughan-Clarke and others. Pic 2 from beginning of season 1. Some more beds (future setting, space station and regular setting) like a blue room of a man (same ep like pic 2).

Very interesting series, although I don’t like the early 70s. Also nice kilts, shorts and silver coveralls. And shirtless scenes.

After finding a trailer of Thursday’s Child (soon on my sailor suit blog) starring Simon Gipps-Kent, I found this one.

I don’t know the complete series, yet.

Rating 6 for now.


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