Mees Kees (2017) – on TV


Family series, 24 ep
Year in film:
2010s ?
The Netherlands
Who in bedroom: Sammy ~9 ?
Kind of beds:
high sleeper
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, partly TV recording
4/10 ?
One blonde, young boy, probably Jack Meershoek in this high sleeper. Colorful room, wooden, medium blue bed. I think no siblings. Maybe other rooms of other actors as well? Pic from episode 16 at 12 minutes.

As announced, this series is currently running on Kika. (I missed the earlier episodes).

Also on my bib overalls and shiny shorts blogs (currently rating 3 each) and soon on my pigtails blog.

For this bedroom rating ~4-5, series probably higher.


2 thoughts on “Mees Kees (2017) – on TV

  1. theo says:

    hi interested to know how you do your research if u just watch films and tv shows or if you do something else, I’m trying to find references of girls bedrooms in 1980s-1990s films

    • Admin says:

      For my blogs, I use different resources. Depending on the subject there are some other sites like movie blogs, boards or similar.
      But yes, I just watch a lot of movies.

      On YouTube you can use the little preview window, so you don’t have to watch movies at regular speed. You also have other movie suggestions on the right for similar movies. Often, I find something by coincidence.

      The advanced search on IMDb is also helpful. Besides the tags (often missing) you can find movies by years and countries.
      Often you can see on the cover or even title, what it’s about, and you can skip some genres and movies you know.

      80s should be easy. There are many 80s sites. Or use the Google Image search or girl sites like childstarlets.
      Personally, I don’t like girls’ rooms. Often in pink.
      Currently, I’m quite busy. So most movies here coming from my other blogs.

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