Update: Hank Zipzer


I made a better pic (this one from s1e2) also showing better the bed. Previous pic had a poor camera position (on the floor). Nice, modern blue bedroom.

Also recently been updated on my bib overalls blog (girl also in later seasons). The bedroom is still looking the same in the final season 3. I don’t remember the room of the sister.

Main entry here, rating 3



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On May 25, there’s a new European data protection law. Although, I’m a non-commercial blog, I’ve added a Legal notice on the bottom of the page. Every blog visitor must agree to the Automattic (wordpress) privacy which is mainly about collecting and saving personal data that I can’t disable. More infos on my bib overalls blog.

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Update: Les Parent


I had to think about this great series, but in Germany there were only the first 2 seasons shown. So, I’ve checked some episodes of the later seasons.

I found rather few bedroom scenes. The oldest brother Thomas still has a room for his own (dark blue walls with a Che Guevara poster, unpictured).

Pic 1 is from s3e12 showing the same messy room of Oli, now ~13 yo (left) and Zac ~10 yo like in the earlier seasons.

Pic 2 from s4e20 showing 11 yo Zac, maybe in the same blue room. I think, I only have seen one bed. Maybe Oli now has a room for his own or Zac is in Oli’s room? Or Oli sharing a room with Thomas?

Pic 3 is from s5e5 again showing Zac but in a light grey and yellow room with one bed only.

Main entry rating 5 (series much better, but Oli looks much older in later seasons)



Update: La pietra di Marco Polo


I now have checked the complete series. There are also some few other locations, like a hospital and other kids. And 7 yo Adi also sleeps in a single bed. The best is still the orange bunk bed.

Adi usually sleeps in the lower bunk and 11 yo Malcolm in the upper bunk. The grey suits are their sleepwear.

Pic 1 from ep 18. Pic 2 from ep 12 showing Adi in the lower bunk and a single bed in the background. Pic 3 from ep 20 in the hospital. At least 4 or 6 beds in this room. Pic 4 from ep 6 showing 2 separate beds, probably in the same room like the bunk bed.

Unpictured: another great scene with the bunk bed and all in the grey sleepwear in ep 26. Adi also shirtless in white underwear (ep 21).

Also on my bib overalls blog, soon be updated once more. Main entry here, previously rating 6, but I think I have to give rating 7-8.



Update: Stapelbed (Villa Achterwerk)


I finally found my tape and added this pic to it’s entry.

There were even much more kids in this bunk bed: 13. Many headshots. Kids are quite young ~8-10 yo.

Kids (boys and girls in pajamas and other nightwear) entering this rare bed, one at a time. Then they talk about one subject and their feelings. At the end there’s a pillow fight, also to the lower bunk, and a male voice says, that they should stop or he comes upstairs. Should be the dad?

VPRO production. Just in 1989.

Main entry, rating 5


Update: Les allumettes suédoises


I have rechecked the complete series (rating 8).

Next to the great scene of Olivier and his Jewish friend David sharing one bed, there are also dorm scenes in ep 1 and ep 3 (ep 3 pictured). At least 12, probably some more beds in the dorm. Episode 1 has only or mainly dark scenes.

Also now on my bib overalls blog (rating 2, in fact an old man only but Olivier and a woman in blue aprons). Also soon on my pigtails blog.

German Wikipedia says 12 yo Olivier in 1932, French Wikipedia says 10 yo in 1930. Maybe in the novel only? Actor is 14 and/or 15.

Great series, main entry