Update: Islands in the Stream (1977)


There’s also another location, with probably 3 beds for the three brothers, a bit later, in the middle of the movie. The 3rd bed of the older brother (also aligned horizontally as well) is on the opposite, right wall. 2 desks next each other at the north east, left to the door. Especially near the end of the movie, there are also some scenes on the boat and the bunks there, I think a 2 story bunk bed.

First I thought that the scene pictured would be a dorm and with 4 or 6 beds as the room looks quite large.

The other scene with the pillow fight earlier is much better, though. Now also on my shiny shorts blog (rating 4).

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Update: Cebollitas


I also found 2 boys for the first time sharing a room in episode 46. But obviously not brothers but friends.

On the floor I think Diego who obviously owns this room and on the right young Gamuza in shorts or underwear who is allowed to use his bed.

I have the same room in the main entry. I prefer the modern, colorful other rooms.

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Update: Little House on the Prairie (f/m)


I found 2 boys, maybe brothers sharing a room in s9e1. Beds are horizontally aligned. The other boy in the left bed is darkhaired.

Pic 2 showing a better view of the attic with Laura and Mary sharing one bed wearing night caps (s1e15). Their little sister sleeps elsewhere, obviously downstairs.

Pic 3 showing an interesting Western-like green metal bed in the 2nd post-series movie Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984) (set around 10 years later, probably in the 1880s or 1890s).

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Update: Our Gang


Like on all my other blogs, I make an update of this great Classic series aka Little Rascals. Please note, that I don’ know/don’t remember all movies. All or most movies were also colorized. There are some few siblings and twin characters (boys), but probably not shown here as most gang members are friends. Nice night shirts.

Pic 1 is from the 1938 movie “Canned Fishing”. Spanky is in Alfalfa’s bed but he sleeps in a different bed (in the same room) earlier. Wooden beds.

Pics 2+3 are from the 1934 movie “Shrimps For a Day”. There is a larger room in an orphanage with several beds, maybe around 8? But also 3 boys sharing one bed. Metal beds.

I previously just had “When the Wind Blows” rating 3.


I don’t like the orphanage and prefer the beds at home. I have to check more episodes. Maybe there are bunk beds as well? Or probably a foldaway bed?

Rating 6 for these scenes.


Update: Fido


Has been aired some days ago, but I missed most of it this time.

The bedroom scenes are better than thought and remembered. Unfortunately rather few good scenes. Even the room of the parents are interesting. I wonder why they have separated beds.

Pic 1 showing the blue room of 12 yo Timmy (Kesun Loder). Other rooms are blue as well even the kitchen. Nice, bright colors, especially for the 1950s. And good and funny unusual family Zombie movie though.

Previously rated 4 for the bedroom, now 5(-6). Unfortunately no siblings.


7th Heaven – Season 11


Christian family series, 243 ep., 11 seasons
Year: 1996-2007
Year in film: 1990s/2000s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Sam, David ~9
Kind of beds: single
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Rating: 6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: There are 2 brothers Simon (David Gallagher, ~11 yo in season 1), Matt 22, and 3 sisters Ruthie 7, Lucy 15 and Mary 14. (Jessica Biel as Mary looking older and plays the oldest sister). Later around season 4 there are the twin brothers Sam and David. Different bedroom constellation, also other actors/locations.

This pic is from s11e1 showing the twins Sam and David (played by Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino, in fact the Brino quadruplets playing them). Nice wooden beds. Funny scene. They can’t sleep because it’s too silent. So 2 brothers sharing a room (not tagged that earlier).

Main entry also showing the others and also including a bunk bed, rating 4


I still need to recheck later episodes of Simon (probably not sharing his room with Ruthie anymore). And I also have to check if the twins wearing bib overalls later as well. (Who can help here?)

Info 24: On TV Die Jungs-WG – season 4


Daily at 20.10 h on German Kika. “Die Jungs-WG: Sommer. Sonne. Elternfrei.” Also available online at tivi.de

Other teen boys this time in Italy (summer). But the boys in season 3 (snow) were much better.

3 boys sleeping in the basement. 2 upstairs. But as it’s too warm they sleep outside on the balcony.

Season 2 (Mallorca) is also interesting: In the 1st episode also bedrooms at their real homes are shown. At least one boy appears to share a bed with his younger brother (or is this the bed of the parents?) At least one bed on Mallorca is a double bed. Season 1 is poor. But I only have briefly checked it.

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Update 2: The Wonder Years (1988)


I saw by coincidence that this series is now finally (partly) on DVD I think up to season 4. But expensive and in probably quite bad (VHS) image quality and in English only.

This is my favourite entry. 2 brothers in the 60s. Perfect age and age difference. Mean older brother and handsome young brother (Fred Savage) sharing a room. Pic from s3e22.

Maybe I will purchase this series but waiting till the price drops. Or maybe there will be a rebroadcast. Many episodes are also on YouTube.

Also good music, and other interesting scenes (PE), handsome boys and romantic scenes.

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