Schloss Einstein – ep. 898


One more pic of this one from ep 898, 2nd episode of season 21, showing this room from a different view. Probably the same large (studio) room like in season 20. Also close up bird’s eye view at night (headshots).


Season 22 will be aired on March 2019.

Dominik and Jannis shown but I think this room has 3 beds (with Henri). There are also rooms with 2 beds and also girls’ rooms. I think no bunk beds anymore. I prefer the earlier seasons set in Seelitz.



Update 2: You Can’t Do That on Television


Another nice bunk bed in banned ep 111 Adoption (1987) showing Adam Reid and Doug. Nice shorts but this time not shiny, maybe as Boy Scouts or at a camp.

Also updates on my shiny shorts and bib overalls blogs.

Main entry, rating up to 10


Update: La pietra di Marco Polo


I now have checked the complete series. There are also some few other locations, like a hospital and other kids. And 7 yo Adi also sleeps in a single bed. The best is still the orange bunk bed.

Adi usually sleeps in the lower bunk and 11 yo Malcolm in the upper bunk. The grey suits are their sleepwear.

Pic 1 from ep 18. Pic 2 from ep 12 showing Adi in the lower bunk and a single bed in the background. Pic 3 from ep 20 in the hospital. At least 4 or 6 beds in this room. Pic 4 from ep 6 showing 2 separate beds, probably in the same room like the bunk bed.

Unpictured: another great scene with the bunk bed and all in the grey sleepwear in ep 26. Adi also shirtless in white underwear (ep 21).

Also on my bib overalls blog, soon be updated once more. Main entry here, previously rating 6, but I think I have to give rating 7-8.



Update: Les allumettes suédoises


I have rechecked the complete series (rating 8).

Next to the great scene of Olivier and his Jewish friend David sharing one bed, there are also dorm scenes in ep 1 and ep 3 (ep 3 pictured). At least 12, probably some more beds in the dorm. Episode 1 has only or mainly dark scenes.

Also now on my bib overalls blog (rating 2, in fact an old man only but Olivier and a woman in blue aprons). Also soon on my pigtails blog.

German Wikipedia says 12 yo Olivier in 1932, French Wikipedia says 10 yo in 1930. Maybe in the novel only? Actor is 14 and/or 15.

Great series, main entry


Amanda (1996)


Family horse movie
Year: 1996
Year in film: 1950s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Biddle, Kelsey ~13
Kind of beds: separate
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Kieran Culkin (Biddle, right bed) and film brother Erik von Detten, both 13 yo but Kieran is younger looking, sharing this 1950s wooden farm bedroom.

Very interesting ranch movie. I like Culkin, but not von Detten.

Also on my Western blog, rating 7 and soon on my pigtails blog.

For bedroom scenes rating 7-8 for now. Needs to be fully rechecked.

Off the Mark (1987)


Comedy film aka Crazy Legs
Year: 1987
Year in film: 1970s (beds)
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: Dimitri, Howard ~11, 12 ?
Kind of beds: separate beds
Available on DVD: VHS only ?
I own: no
Rating: 8 /10
Rating: ********
Comment: 2 boys, probably Matthew Licht (younger brother of Jeremy Licht) and Alexander Polinski (as Howard on the bike) sharing this 70s bedroom. Obviously not brothers, but Dimitri is an exchange student. Beds aligned at 90 degrees. I only noticed 2 brief scenes at daytime. Half of the movie is set in the 1980s (grown-ups).

Some interesting scenes like boys in shiny shorts (shiny shorts blog rating 7) and dropping down their pants in front of a girl.

Interesting movie and I like this bedroom.

Although few good scenes and I don’t like the 70s, rating 7-8.

Schloss Einstein – season 20


German TV series about a boarding school
Year: 1998-
Year in film: (1990s)-2010s
Country: Germany
Who in bedroom: ~3 teen boys / girls each
Kind of beds: single beds
Available on DVD: no, partly
I own: yes, partly TV recordings
Rating: 8 /10
Rating: ********
Comment: Some boys and girls, aged 12 and older in different rooms. Room pictured in ep 871 sharing Dominik and 2 new actors (Henri and Jannis).

It’s on a new, third location (since season 19). All very fresh and colorful. I never liked the episodes set in Erfurt.

In yesterday’s ep 872, all 3 boys are shown in their beds talking to each other (bird’s view) and photoshopped next each other on a window. First I thought, that they would share one large bed. One is homesick. Also a funny plot about a friendship contract. Rebroadcasting today. New episodes weekdays on Kika.

Although in the studio, I prefer the first, fictional location in Seelitz (s1-10).

Also on all my other blogs, including the new shiny shorts and pigtail blog but most entries on my bib overalls blog.

Main entry here including a bunk bed




Family film starring Axel Stein
Year in film:
2010 ?
Who in bedroom:
Theo, Max ~11, 9
Kind of beds:
Available on DVD:
no ?
I own:
no, partly TV recording
Rating: ********
Two blonde brothers, around 9 and 11 yo, I think Jamie-Dean Schmelzer (Theo 11 yo, pic 2) and Jonas Oeßel sharing this attic bedroom.

Has been aired yesterday. Handsome boys and very interesting room.

So rating 8-9.

Set in Dortmund. Also starring Tom Gerhard.

Available on the sat1 mediathek.


La vie est un long fleuve tranquille


Family film
Year in film:
Who in bedroom:
boys ~12 
Kind of beds:
separate beds
Available on DVD:
I own:
yes, TV recording
Rating: ********
There are 2 families. A rich one and a poor one. And the kids were switched at birth. I think this is at the rich family (after Momo returned ?) There are also other kids, maybe more siblings but probably in other rooms. Scene at 39 minutes. Another scene at 53 minutes.

I have seen this movie in the 80s and this is a very good movie. Haven’t seen this for a long time. Also very good swimming scenes.

I somehow like this bedroom. Doesn’t look that rich to me.

Rating 6-7.

La pietra di Marco Polo


Family series. 26 ep
Year: 1982-1983
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Italy
Who in bedroom: Adi 7, Malcom 11, Gianni 13, Marta 15?
Kind of beds: bunk bed + single
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Rating: 8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: I think there are three brothers usually sharing a room (Adi, the youngest, played by 6-7 yo Nicola Di Pol is credited as girl on IMDb but is a boy). Some sources say that there are 5 siblings but I think Valerio is just a friend. An orange steel bunk bed and at least one more separate, probably 2 in a large room. Pic 1 from ep 19, pic 2 from ep 23.

Also 4 in one double bed under one blanket, not sure if this is their sister, I do think so. Adi sleeps in a different, single bed here. So there’s one other boy. Still not sure about the kid with curly hair on the right. Either the sister or another boy (guests).

Unfortunately this series ist still not released officially on DVD, so I only have seen some few episodes available on YouTube. Maybe other bedroom constellations, locations (ship) or other actors later.

Very good series, my favourite is Malcolm (Sebastiano Marescalchi), also shirtless, see my overalls and Lederhosen blog (tag unknown). Adi also in beige overalls (rating 4).

Rating 6-7. Dorm entries coming next.

Update: Now completetly checked. Previously rated 6, now 8. Also some few other locations.